In The Beginning....
I Started Breeding Dogs in 1997. I Was 16 Years Old, Still Lived at Home, and Didn't Have a Clue What My Future Had in Store For Me. All That I Knew was I Loved Animals,, and I wanted to Be My Own Boss!! My Parents Had a Registered Male Japanese Akita named Bear. An Opportunity Presented Itself for Me to Purchase an AKC Registered Female Akita Pup, Named Simba, and After Deliberating With My Father,, I Jumped at the Opportunity.. My Father Told Me That if I Did All of The Work,, and Paid All of The Expenses,, I Would Be Able to Keep Any Profits Made Off of Selling The Puppies..At The Time I was a 16 Year Old  Punk Kid, Who Had Been Raised With Dogs, Thought I knew What I Was Doing,, And Had $ Dollar signs in My Mind...Lol....So After Raising Simba For 2 Years,, a Successful First Time Breeding With 'Bear',, Countless Sleepless Nights Awaiting the Arrival of "My" First Litter of  Puppies,, Witnessing My First Live Birth,,  Smelling Newborn Puppy Breath for the First Time,, Many, Many Mess Clean Ups,, Hundreds of Newspapers,,, Countless Piles of Puppy Poop, Constant Sweeping of Cedar Chips,,and Mopping the Floor until I had Callous' in my Hands,, Thousands of Puppy Kisses Later, Not Only Did I Realize That There Was Way More Work Than There Would Be Financial Reward,  But There was An Extremely Large Amount of Responsibilities That Were Going to Come Along With Becoming a 'Professional' Breeder.. After You Feel 'Responsible' for the actual life of something, Human or Animal, It Changes you Inside, Well it Changed me, It's Like at That Moment, I Discovered What I wanted to Be. I Knew that I Was Hooked,, and This Was Something I Would Be Doing For The Rest of My Life !..
After Years of Researching Rare Guardian Breeds, I decided to Purchase My First Cane Corso in 1999, Ghost, and Instantly Fell in Love With the Breed. The Plan Was, For Me to Breed Both Breeds, But Unfortunately, Simba Was Stolen Out of Our Own Back Yard, Not Only Was It Devastating To Lose My Very First Dog, Beloved Pet and Companion, Simba Was Also The Inspiration That Kick started My Goals for the Future,.. But Through All of The Bad, I Did Learn Something, I Was Made Aware That I Never Wanted The Theft of One Of My Dogs to Be Able To Happen Again, Which Would Ultimately Start My Quest For an Even More Protective Breed,,


It Was Just Me, and Ghost for Awhile, Until I Met My Current Partner Cornelius, in 2002, and Then Came Terror, and Then Aries.. After 8 Years of Experience With the Cane Corso, and Much More Research,, We Decided to Get Involved With a Breed That had Just a Little Bit of a Harder Temperament, The Fila Brasileiro..We Purchased our First Breeding Pair in 2007, Menace & Malina.
 And Now After 19+ Years Later, a Fiance, 2 Stepsons, 2 Beautiful Children of my own,, Much More Knowledge, and Experience, and Many A Lesson Learned, I still Have the same Love, and Passion for What I am Doing, and Continue to Try and Keep True to the Breed Standards, While Consistently Trying to Make Improvements. and Breed Out any Undesirable Traits. We Have Carefully Chosen Each One of Our Foundation Dogs, and Are Very Selective With Our Breedings. All of Our Breeding Dogs Are of Excellent Health,  with Stable Temperaments,,  Are Highly Intelligent, Follow Correct Show Standards, and Posess Lots of Working, and Prey Drive..  
All of Our Puppies Are Born Inside Our Home, Where They Will Live Until They are Approximately 10-12 Weeks Old. At This Time, The Puppies and Their Mother Will Go Outside., Where we Have a Heated Building, and Outdoor Covered Runs. Our Property is Fenced in, and The Puppies are Turned Loose Daily for Excersice, and Play Time. All Of Our Puppies Are Family Raised With Our Children, and Are Handled By Them From The Time They are Born. Our Children Participate in All of the Daily Feedings, Leash Training, and Even Temperament Testing of The Puppies. Also the Puppies Will Have Daily Interaction With Our Adult Dogs. They Learn Many Things, and It Seems as If their Guardian Instincts are Enhanced, by The Presence of an Adult 'Pack' Influence. We Take Pride In Our Puppies Temperaments, After as Much Early Socialization, and Introductions of New, and Different Situations on a Regular Basis, Also the Constant Chatter/ Chaos of a Household Of Children, You Can Rest Assure, All Of Our Puppies Will Leave Our Property Extremely Well Socialized, Outgoing, Confident, and Alert.
I Have Done alot of Research, and Put in alot of Time, Effort, Money, Love, Blood, Sweat, and Tears into my Breeding Program, and Kennel,, and I am Very Proud of What we Produce at Kevlar Kennels.. I stand Behind all of my pups, and Look forward to Adding New People Into our Extended Dog Family.   Feel Free to Check out All of Our Pictures. We Have Pups Currently Available,, Past Productions,, some of the Champions in our Dog's Lineage,, Stay Tuned to what's Going on at Kevlar Kennels on Our Upcoming Litter Page, And Soon To Come, our Events Page.. Thankyou for your time,, I Hope You Enjoy Our Site.
Owner/ Founders of Kevlar Kennels



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