Born: 8 - 24 - 12

Color: Apricot/ Brindle

Height: 24 Inches

Weight: 88 pounds

Breeding Status: Up & Coming

Medusa is a Gorgeous Apricot Brindle, weighing in at 88 pounds right now at 24 months old. She is definately a True Italian Rustic type, but don't let her good looks fool you.. This girl has a very muscular build, and is very athletic, and has tons of endurance, and stamina. She can run all day long, and never gets tired. She can jump really high for some and is a true Escape Artist... She is very Intelligent, and eager to please, and has a very sweet Temperament. Medusa loves all children, and also other animals. She is very alert, and quick to let us know of an approaching 'threat', but will warm up to strangers after being properly introduced.. She is very playful, and energetic, and so far is the 2nd dog that we own that gets along with everyone else.. She has outstanding movement, and a lovely disposition, with a very stable temperament, coupled with an outstanding pedigree of her own, I'm sure she will compliment one of our Kevlar male's very well, and we are looking forward to adding her into our breeding program.


 Medusa was Bred, Born and Raised Right Outside of Atlanta Georgia, She Came From a Very Selective Breeding, From a Private Cane Corso Enthusiest. She is out of two Awesome Corso's, Rebel, and Baasha. She is Totally Outside of our Bloodline, but Posesses the True Old world Mastiff Type, and Correct Temperament, and will compliment one of our Kevlar Male's very well. Thankyou Joann Coffey, for producing such an Awesome Example of a Cane Corso, and Letting her Become one of our Beloved Family Members!


Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Sovrano's Antebellum's Rebel



Alcor's Wrath of Dictator

CH. Cherubs Julian
Alcor's Sasha
Sovrano's Evey Scandifio's Epitome
Anshelm di Sovrano


Antebellum's Baasha Garmon

Sovrano's Antebellum's Rebel Alcor's Wrath of Dictator
Sovrano's Evey
Sovrano's Hara Di Antebellum Alcor's Sabbath di Sovrano
Mocha XIII
                                                     DAM                                                   SIRE
                                              Antebellum's Baasha Garmon            Sovrana's Antebellums Rebel
Medusa's Pedigree is Made up of Many of the 'Ancient Type' Bloodlines Including: Cerberus,, Dyrium,, Alaric,, Bel Monte,, Di Guardia,, Masterpiece,, Scandifio,, Alcor,,  and with Many Other Italian Imports as Well.
Some of the Champions Listed in Her Pedigree are: Dual CH. Cocomo Bel Monte,, CH. Bel Monte Rocco,, GR. CH. Bel Monte Nero,, GR. CH. Bel Monte Turill,, CH. Bel Monte Ruby,, CH. Alaric Zale Bel Monte,, CH. Alaric Lucretia Bel Monte,, CH. Empress Vampira Di Alaric,, CH. Molocchia's Bacci Di Morte,, CH. Molocchia's Mocha Monola,, CH. Molocchia's My T Vaccaro,, CH. Alaric's My T Malocchia,, CH. Di Guardia's Zora,, F.C.I. CH. Borealis Rosalinda,, I.C.C.F. F.C.I. CH. Bioynics Noe Di Liano,, CH. StoneCroft's Brontosaurus,, CH. Scandifio's Nino II,, CH. Scandifio's Armani,, and CH. Cherubs Julian,, Just to Name a few...



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