Another Home Protected by Kevlar
After much searching for my next Fila, I purchased from Kevlar Kennels. Their dogs are of excellent conformation, temperament, and breeding, having come from the best breeders the U.S. has to offer. My female is the perfect dog for me. Her temperament and character were just what I was looking for in my new puppy. Lauren is very aware of the different personalities her dogs have, and her description of my dog was right on. I am very pleased with how my pup looks, and acts as she enters her 10th month. She fits me to a T, being the perfect combination I was looking for. You won't be sorry buying from Kevlar. The personal touch you get makes the process easy, and exciting to attain your new best friend and protector. This breeder won't leave you hanging on at any point, at any time. I highly recommend Kevlar.
                                                                                                                          - - Sally Whitney    - - 
 Cornelius and Lauren,
    Here are Some Recent Pictures of Jax @ 1 Year old. He is a Great Dog, and on His Birthday, he Weighed in @ 120 lbs!! He is Still Growing, and is Very Active. He Gets along Great with All Kids, and all Dogs to include his "Brother" Bugsy, our French Bulldog. Hope You Guys had a Great Holiday, and Hope you Like the Pics. Feel Free to Post them on Your Site. Have a Blessed New Year, and Good Luck with Your New Litter!!       
                                                                                                                   - - Ray and Samantha Acosta - -
I got a female Fila from Lauren at Kevlar Kennels....She has since, been the best dog we have ever had !!...If you need help, they are there for you....Kevlar makes you feel like part of their family...My girl has it all !!...My husband works away from home, and I know that me, and the kids are safe...She has been great in every way...I can think of the day we went there,, her, and her littermates stayed in the room with us, and was all about playing with the kids,,  and that means alot to us,, You know your new pup is definately kid-tested... If I had someone ask where to get a Fila, I would say Kevlar for sure !!
                                                                                                                                    - - Amanda Higgins  - -
     Rush has Been Amazing!! I Haven't Ever had to Spank him, BC He is So Good. His Mannerisms are Natural. I haven't Taught him Anything... If I Throw a Stick, He'll Fetch it on his Own, and Bring it Back. Same With Hunting, I Let Him Sniff, and He Just Goes on His Own.........I Took Him Visiting at my Brother's Place, and My Brother had People Show up Uninvited, Rush Guarded HIS House! He Layed Right at My Feet the Whole Time I was There, but When People Showed up Uninvited, He Layed at the Door and Waited, and Wouldn't Let Anyone in Unless I said it was O.K.. I Get Compliments From so Many People Asking How I trained him.. I Said I'm Just Kind to Him!!....
  One Time I Slept in, was Late Getting My Son to School, Rush Came into My Bedroom, Grabbed my Blankets with his Teeth and Ran Down the Hallway with Them, Came and Stood at the Side of The Bed, and Barked. I Looked at the Time and it was 9a.m., We had Slept in, But he Was Smart Enough to Figure that Out. He's Used to His Routine......Today We went For a Walk, Generally he Minds his Business, But this One guy he Saw Walking From a Distance and Rush Went NUTS! As We Got Closer to this Guy, I had to Hold him back With 2 Hands BC He was Jumping and Trying to Charge at Him. It Turns Out, This Guy is a Registered Sex Offender that Molested a 6 Year old Girl, a Few Years Back, and He must of Picked up on That. I've Never Seen him Act Like that Towards any Strangers Before!......
   I've Decided NOT to Breed Him With Our Bella, They Look Like 2 Different Breeds of Dog's.. Her Skin Is Real Tight, and Her Face is Pushed in, and Her Back is Sloped, And Rush has The Most Perfect Posture. Bella's Feet are Bow-Legged, and He Got a Perfect Stance. And Bella's got the Worst Mannerisms Ever! She Jumps up on People, He Won't.... When He Eats, He will Wait Patiently for Me to Put His Bowls to be Set Down. He's Not Allowed in the House Until He is Sitting Like a Nice Boy, When He Eats He Will Sit Like a Nice Boy and Wait Until the Food and Water Touch the Floor, Then He Eats. And When He Drinks, He Dunks His Whole Head in, and Bites the Water...LOL...
   I Can't Even Say He has 1 Bad Trait. He's Really Good With My Kids, as Well as My Friend's who have kids. He Behaves like an 'Old' Dog, and That's Why I'm Glad he was the Last Pup Gone, BC He Must Have Learned Alot From Your Dogs When He Was There.. He's AMAZING. Thankyou so much!! I am Interested in Another Pup From You, Especially if She Will be Well-Natured like Rush is...I've Realized If I Decide to Breed Him, I've Got to be Very Selective, Hence my Decision Not to Breed with Our Bella. He's Got Great Genes, and Natural Instincts in Him ! He Needs a Better Match!!.. I'll Give You a Call Next Week, Hope you, and Yours are Doing Well,  Best Regards,
                                                                                                                                  - - Janet Bear - -
Hi Lauren and Cornelius,
Just Wanted to Send a pic and update of Cairo. He is a Beautiful Boy!! Very Powerful, and WOW, Does he have a Hard Temperament ! He is Extremely Protective of my Husband and I. High Energy, and Fearless, Very Affectionate and Sweet to us. He cant Stand to be Without us. We Love Him Very Much. Thankyou for giving us such a Beautiful, and Quality Fila.
                                                                                                - - Rachel & Chris Nowlin - -



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