ANCIENT BRAZILIAN MOLOSSOR
The Fila Brasileiro, also Known as the Brazilian Mastiff, is an Ancient Molossor Breed, with Large Bones, and Loose Skin. This Powerful Mastiff was Believed to Have Been Evolved in Brazil over 400 years ago, from a Number of Breeds, Prodominantly the English, and Portugese Mastiffs, The Bloodhound, and the Engelson Doggen ( Ancient Bulldogge Breed). The Fila has aquired the following traits from each breed:
Ancient Bulldogge - Protective Temperament, Stubborn, it's Colors, Typical Rose Ears, and Persistence.
Mastiff - Courage, Large Heavy Head, Short Neck, Black Mask, Basic Colors, and Substance.
Bloodhound - Abundant Loose Skin, Pendulous Lips, Hanging Flews, and dewlaps, It's Wonderful Meloncholy Expression, and Excellent Scent for Tracking Ability.
 The Fila Brasileiro was Developed in an Era Before Written Records were Kept of Dog Breedings, and was Primarily Kept in Remote Areas of Tropical Forests. As a Result, Most of the Details of its Origins have Been lost to History, and Only a General Outline is Known. Likely the Oldest of all Brazilian Dog Breeds, the Fila Brasileiro's History Closely Parallels that of Brazil Itself.. 
The Fila pronounced (Fee-La) is so Well Thought of in Brazil, the Government has Named the Fila its "National Dog". One of Brazil's Two Native Breeds (the Other One Being the Rare Brazilian Tracker), The Fila Brasileiro Breed was Bred and Raised Primarily on Cattle Farms, and Large Plantations Where they Were Originated. They Were Taught to Chase Down Runaway Slaves, as well as Jaguars, Cattle, and other Animals. The Dog Would Grab the Slave, or Animals by the Neck, and Hold them until the Farmers arrived. Many Believe that The Name "Fila" Came From a Portugese Word Meaning to "Hold". This Instinct Can Be Observed Among Puppies When They are Playing.
The Fila Brasileio was kept Throughout Brazil, but became Especially Associated with the Paulhistas. The Paulhistas were a Collection of Explorers, Slavers, and Traders based out of Sao Paulo. The Paulhistas are Among the Most Iconic Figures in Brazilian History, Known for Pushing the Nation's Borders Hundreds of Miles into the Interior. The Paulhistas Brought the Fila Brasileiro along with them on their Many Expeditions into the Amazon, using the Breed for Protection and Battle. The Paulhistas Were Responsible For The Organization of a Planned Breeding Program, and For Opening a Stud Book to Register Dogs of Pure Stock. The First Written Standard of the Breed was Edited in 1946. The CBKC (Confederation Brazilian Kennel Club ) Follows FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) Policy, and Accepts for Registration Only Dogs With FCI Pedigrees. In the U.S. there are Two Specialty Fila Clubs and Both Follow the C.B.K.C. / F.C.I. Standard, which is the ORIGINAL, and  LEGITIMATE Standard of the Breed, Recognized all over the World!!
The Brazilian Army Compared The Fila Brasileiro to Dobrman Pinschers, and German Shepards in a Five Year Study Using These Dogs in the Jungle Under Extremely Hostile Conditions. Meanwhile, The Following Traits Were Being Observed: Intelligence, Aggressiveness, Sensiblity, Temperament, Energy, Resistance, Rusticity, and Strength. German Shepards Were Found to have the Highest Intelligence, and The Doberman Pinschers had the Highest Aggressiveness. The Fila Brasileiro Was Found Superior in Every Other Category!!
The Temperament of the Fila Brasileiro is Extremely Unique, and Probably this Breeds Most Important Feature. Unfortunately for the Breed, its Temperament is Also Highly Controversial. The Fila Brasileiro is Almost Exclusively Bred as a Guard Dog, and has a Temperament one would Expect from Such a Dog. Unlike Most Protection Breeds, Fila Brasileiro's are Bred Specifically for High Levels of Human Aggression. It is Very Important for Potential Owners to Understand that the Fila Brasileiro is Definately NOT the Ideal Choice for Every Family! This Breed Should Only be Kept by Those with Substansial Experience with Large, Protective Dogs, who have Proven themselves Capable of Managing them. When Raised Properly, this Breed can be an Outstanding Protector, but when Raised by Inexperienced Handlers, can Become a Serious Liability!
Fila Brasileiro's are Specifically Bred for a Trait Known as"OJERIZA", which Loosely Translates to Xenophobia, Describing the Intense Suspicion, and Distrust of Strangers. This is Perhaps the Only Dog who's Breed Standard Indicates that it Should Not Tolerate the Approach, or Touch of Strangers. Such Aversion is Instinctive in Fila's, so much That the Fila Should Not Permit a Judge to Touch Him in The Show Ring. They are Judged Exclusively 'Hands Off' Though Should at All Times Submit to Examination by the Judge at Owner's Request. The Standard Allows For Disqualification of Excessively Aggressive Dogs. The Fila Brasileiro is Disqualified for Any Aggression Towards its Owner, or Cowardice. Timid, Nervous Dogs are Highly Discouraged. In Order to Receive Championship Title, Fila's Must be Temperament Tested.
The Fila Brasileiro is Known for it's Faithfulness, and Very Intense Loyaly. This is a Dog That Forms an Incredibly Intense Attachment with it's Family, For Whom it Would Do Absolutely Anything! But, this is NOT a Breed for Everyone !! The Fila Needs a Confident, Experienced, Savvy Owner That is Aware of The Breed's Innate Tendencies. Fila's Are Not Well Suited to Busy Households Which Entertain Many Guests, as They do Not Generally Enjoy Having Guests in Their Home. The Fila is a Natural Guardian Breed, and Does Not Need any Encouragement for this Instinct to Present Itself.
Extremely Protective, Naturally Suspicious, and Constantly on High Alert, this Breed Makes an Excellent Watch Dog. Athough Usually an Effective Deterrent on its Own, this Breed is a GUARD Dog First, and a Watch Dog Second. Many Fanciers Believe that This is The Best Guard Dog in the Entire World, an Opinion Shared by Many Experts. Some Bloodlines will Attempt to Threaten First, But Most Will Unhesitantly BITE! This Breed is Said to Have NO Fear, and There is No Opponent, Man, Beast, or Machine, That Would Make one of These Dogs Back Down. Fila 's Bond Very Strongly With Their Immediate Families and Show Extreme Loyalty and Protectiveness Towards Them. They LIVE to Protect Their Loved Ones, and are Devoted to the Children in Their Family. Very Few Will Readily Accept Strangers, and Many Fila's Will NEVER Comfortably Tolerate Any Strangers in Their Home. Perhaps Because of This Aversion Towards Strangers, The Fila Brasileiro is Easily Considered the ULTIMATE Home Guardian !!



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