Sire: Cane Superiore's Infinite's Justice is Law 

Dam: Ayla 0675

Born: 1-12-11

Color: Formentino

Height: 25.5 Inches

Weight: 108 Pounds

O.F.A. Hip Score: GOOD

Breeding Status: Active


                                    Katana is a Beautiful, and Rare Frumentino. She is a Heavy Bone Female and Weighs 108 lbs. Katana has an Outstanding Temperament, and is the ONLY Dog we Own that gets Along with Each and Every Other Dog! She is Extremely Intelligent, and Obedient, and is Very Well Socialized. She LOVES Children, but is Leery of Adult Strangers. She is Very Alert, and is Quick to Sound the Alarm, But will Accept Strangers after proper Introductions. This Girl has Awesome Confirmation, and is Extremely Athletic, and Agile. She Loves to Play with Everyone, The Kids, All of our Adult Dogs, and also all of the Puppies we Produce. Katana is an Awesome Addition to Kevlar Kennels, and we are Looking Forward to Adding Her to our Breeding Program.










Katana was bred, and Purchased From Infinite's Cane Corso's in Illinois. She is out of 2 Awesome Corso's, Justice, & Ayla. She is of Outstanding Pedigree, Type, and Temperament. Kevlar Kennels Would Like to Thank Drake Carpenter, at Infinite Cane Corso's, for  Producing Such an Awesome Example of a Cane Corso, and Allowing Her To Become One of Our Beloved Family Members.


Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents


 Cane Superiore's Infinite's Justice is Law

 Tuff Bully's Young Buck

  Top Rank Bolo
 Tuff Bully's Carmela Delight
 Wasatch Mtn's Nani  Colossal Komoto Dragon
 StoneCroft's Princess Kila


Ayla 0675

 River Runs Baroni  Bear Adonis
 Newlands Black Bailey
 Xitlali Salas  Rio's Furry
 Nueces Sable T. Tiger

                          DAM                                                                                 SIRE
                      Ayla 0675                                               Cane Superiore's Infinite's Justice is Law
Katana's Pedigree is Made up of Many of the "Ancient Type' Bloodlines Including : Cerberus,, Dyrium,, Alaric,, Bel Monte,, Masterpiece,, Di Guardia,, Ark,, StoneCroft,, and with Many Other Italian Imports as Well.
 Some of the Champions Listed in her Pedigree are: Dual CH. Cocomo Bel Monte,,  CH. Bel Monte Rocco,, GR. CH. Bel Monte Nero,, GR. CH. Bel Monte Turill,, CH. Bel Monte Ruby,, CH. Bel Monte Zagara,, CH. Bel Monte Alexa,, CH. Alaric Lucretia Bel Monte,, CH. Alaric Czardas De Morte,, CH. Molocchia's Bacci Di Morte,, CH. Molocchia's Mocha Monola,, CH. Alaric's My T Malocchia,, CH. Di Guardia's Nikki,, GR. CH. Prince Del Cerbrus,, F.C.I. CH. Idra Del Murgese,, F.C.I. CH. Quaron,, F.C.I. CH. Cheno,, F.C.I. CH. Rubens,, F.C.I. CH. David Del Dyrium,, F.C.I. CH. Saida Del Dyrium,, F.C.I. CH. Boris,, CH. Sutero's Colossal Crusher,, CH. StoneCroft's Brontosaurus,, and CH. StoneCroft's Rocky Argo Dell' Hurricane,, Just to name a few...




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