In Loving Memory
6-22-99 - 1-18-07 
Ghost Was My Very First Cane Corso Mastiff. I Purchased Her For Myself, as an 18th Birthday Present in 1999. She is The Foundation Cane Corso Female in Kevlar Kennels Bloodline. Ghost Was the Most Intelligent Dog That I have Ever Owned! She was Obedience, and Protection Trained, and Knew, and Understood, More Verbal, and Hand Commands, Than Any Dog, I Have Personally Owned, or Even Known! She Had an Outstanding Temperament, and Was Extremely Well Socialized,, She Had Excellent Health, Excellent Temperament, Great with All Children, and Other Animals,, Except for Mice,, she was a Professional Mouse Hunter ! LOL.  Unfortunately, she was Murdered (Poisoned), By One of Our Neighbors. Our Vet Believes That Anti-freeze was Poured into her Water Bowl. We Lost her at  The Age of Only 7.5 Years Old. It Was Very Shocking, and Traumatic for Me, Ghost was My Best Friend, and is Also the Best Dog I Have Ever Owned! She is Greatly Missed, Can Never Be Replaced, Or Will Not Be Forgotten, and I am Honored to Have Been able to Continue on Her Bloodline, Because She is Truely an Awesome Example of a Cane Corso Mastiff, and Has One of The Best Temperaments I Have Ever Witnessed....... R.I.P. Girl....Until We Meet Again!!
9-18-04 - 12-19-08
Aries Was a Very Beautiful Rare Chocolate Brindle. She had Extremely Unique Markings. One Whole Side of Her Was Brindled, and The Other Side had No Brindle.. She was a 2nd Generation Kevlar Production, Out Of Ghost, and Her Sire was 'Benji'. She had an Alpha Female Personality, and Liked to Boss Everyone Around. Her BoyFriend/ Mate Was Terror, and They Were Kevlar's Alpha Couple. He Taught Her Everything He Knew, and She Listened. Aries Was My Son Isaac's Very First Dog of His Own. His horoscope Sign is an Aries, so That is Where Her Name Came From.. She Was Very Outgoing, and Obedient. But She Also Had A Very Strong Temperament, and Did Not Like Strangers, at All ! She Was a Very Muscular Female With Lots of Heavy Bone. She was Extremely Athletic, and Agile, Very Alert, and an Outstanding Guardian. Unfortunately, She Had Some Complications With Her Last Pregnancy, so We Took Her to The Vet, and Had an Emergency C-Section,, She was Given too Much Anestesia, and They Lost her on the Operating Table, (Right in Front of Us).. We Lost Her at The Age of Only 4 Years Old, and To Make Things Worse, It Was the Week Of Christmas. Her Loss Was Very Sudden, and Unexpected, And She Will Be Greatly Missed. I am Proud to Have Been able to Not Only Produce Aries, But Also, to Have Her as One Of Our Foundation Cane Corso Females. Her Awesome Disposition, Confirmation, and Temperament Will Be Passed Down Through Our Bloodline. ...R.I.P. Girl .You Will Never Be Forgtten!!...Until We Meet Again..
                                                                              4-11-06 - 5-6-10
Aniya was a Very Big, Beautiful Blue Female, and Was a Kevlar Production, out of Terror, and Aries. She was Sold, and Lived a Wonderful Life for the First 2.5 Years of Her Life, But Then The Couple she was SOld to, got divorced, the Husband had Purchased her, and The Wife Ended up With Aniya, and Didn't want her 'Husband's Baggage', So She Gave Her Away to the First Person Who Came Along, who in Return, Threw Her In a Basement, Starved Her, and Kept Her in Her Own Feces. For Approximately a Year, Before We Were Alerted to Her Situation. we Rescued Her Back, and tried to Nurse Her Back to Health. We Immediately Rushed Her to the Vet. I mean This Girl Was Skin and Bones, Sores on Her Body, patches of Missing Hair, and Eye Infections in Both Eyes. She was Also Heartworm Positive. We Started Treatment Instantly, in Hopes That We Could Catch it In Time, After 2 Months, with Us, Aniya went From 82 lbs. up to 109 lbs. All Of Her Hair Came Back, The Sores Healed Up, and we Also Got Rid of The Infections In Her Eyes..She was Extremely Intelligent, Obedient, Very Athletic, and Agile. Aniya Was Very Alert, and Outgoing, Confident, and Bossy, and She Was an Outstanding Guardian. She Had an Alpha Female Personaty, and Started Alot of Trouble During Her Time With Us.. Lol.. But Unfortunately, The Heart Worms were Just too Far Gone, By The Time we Had Rescued Her,and TreatMent Was Not Working.. We Lost Aniya at the Age of Only 4 Years Old. She Is One OF The Main Reasons Why We Started Doing Owner Contracts With All of Our Future Puppies and Clients... R.I.P.....Girl,,,Just Know That You Were Loved at the Time of Your Death, and are Missed Now....Until We Meet again..



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