Fila Brasileiro Males
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 The Fila Brasileiro is a Wonderful Animal, but they NEED Plenty of Socialization, Training, and LOVE. Fila's Long to be With People, and Require Daily Attention, and Exercise.
If you DO Not Have the Time, or Energy for this Commitment, PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE ONE !! Remember, that an Eight Week old Puppy, will Soon Turn into a Large, Dominant Dog !!
 Owning a Dog is a Big Responsibility, an Untrained Dog  May Develop Unacceptable Behavior that Annoys You, and Can Even Cause Family Friction. The Key to a Succesful Relationship Between You, and Your Fila Brasileiro is to Begin Training as Soon as Possible. Training Your Puppy Early Will Result in a High Rate of Success in Becoming a Well Mannered Adult Dog.
Fila Brasileiro Training is all about Pack Structure, and Training Your Dog His Rank in The New Pack. The Owner Should Always be Assertive and Establish His Status as the 'Alpha'. Never Allow Your Fila Brasileiro Puppy to Sleep in Your Bed, Eat From Your Table, or Pull You While Walking. Set Basic Rules for Your Puppy From the Beginning to Guarantee a Stable and Mature Dog.





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